Good News and Bad News!

Just a quick note to say that the cookbooks are finishing up at the printers and we should have them for sale soon.  I am going to be on vacation from July 9th to July 17th, so will have limited access to e-mail and the blog page.  I will try to connect with those who wish to order a book as quickly as I can, but I can’t guarantee a quick response until I return from vacation.

As for the bad news, we are still working to get the website set up so that you can order the book and pay for it online.  We hope we will have this resolved soon and will let you know as soon as we have an answer for you.  In the meantime, you can contact us through the website and we can work with you to get the book to you and receive your payment  in a timely manner.

Thanks so much for your interest in our cookbook.  We trust and pray it will be an encouragement to you both physically and spiritually.

The Purpose of This Site

This blog page/web site is being developed to promote a new gluten-free cookbook that should be available soon.  In the next few weeks, information about the book, the author, and gluten-free issues will be added and updated and we hope the book will be available for purchase within the next couple of months.  Keep checking back to see how things develop here.