Tips for Making Sweet Rolls Recipe

When you first make the Sweet Rolls recipe, you may wonder what I meant in step 5 on page 178…. disregard the instruction to turn the dough once – it will be so wet that it simply sits there in the bowl; you won’t be able to form it into a ball of dough as you would with a gluten-filled recipe. Just cover the bowl with a moist towel and let the dough rise.

I have made the recipe two ways and in both cases, the sweet rolls have been consumed very quickly, so you can choose either way and the results will be tasty. 🙂

The first way is to skip the 1/4 cup water. The dough will be drier and the rolls will maintain their shape as they rise, but they will be small rolls. So, if it is important to you that the rolls have a distinct shape, use this method.

The second way is to make the recipe exactly as it is printed in the book. The rolls will be much bigger, but they will merge together as they rise and bake. If you really want larger sweet rolls, use this method.

Either way, you and your family will really enjoy these!

The Book Store is now open!

We are thankful for many things this week! We enjoyed time with my family early last week and now we are celebrating with Brody’s family. Brody’s parents have reached their 40th year of marriage! Congratulations to Mom and Dad! We are also thankful for my brother’s work in photographing our book and for Brody’s brother’s help with the set up of the website!

Even though we are in Montana, enjoying vast skies, wide open scenery, and beautiful views of God’s majestic creation, we can still drop by the Post Office and mail you your book! 🙂 We can now process credit cards and PayPal payments in our book store, so click on over and we’ll send off your book after processing your payment!

The Deadline Has Been Met!

Brody and I are so excited to have the book available for purchase now! In late May, we said to each other, “God willing, we can finish what we need to do so that the book will be ready for sale on July 1st!” We are thankful that God was willing! Now we can surprise my family with their copies when we see them this week… and we can hand deliver copies to Brody’s family when we see them later in July.

We trust that this project will encourage many who are struggling with various challenges, and we pray that weary caregivers will find hope in the spiritual encouragement included in the first part of A Recipe for Survival. The final portions of the book have over 50 recipes as well as an outline of the steps I regularly take to convert a “normal” recipe to a gluten-free and safe-for-Brody version, since besides gluten, he also cannot tolerate oats, corn, potatoes and onions. We expect that these principles for converting recipes can be applied to other special dietary needs so a caregiver who needs ideas for a diet different from Brody’s can follow the thought process and develop recipes that work for her loved one.

We chose a comb binding for the book since the book’s focus is to help a caregiver experiment in her kitchen. The comb binding allows the book to lie flat on the counter so the caregiver can make notes while she works, much as a chemist would in her laboratory. Even if a caregiver’s background does not involve science or engineering, I trust she can learn from the experimental methods I describe in A Recipe for Survival, and her household can enjoy the tasty recipes from these six categories: Breakfast, Snacks and Sides, Quick Breads, Main Dishes, Sauces and Dressings, and Desserts and Treats.