The Book Store is now open!

We are thankful for many things this week! We enjoyed time with my family early last week and now we are celebrating with Brody’s family. Brody’s parents have reached their 40th year of marriage! Congratulations to Mom and Dad! We are also thankful for my brother’s work in photographing our book and for Brody’s brother’s help with the set up of the website!

Even though we are in Montana, enjoying vast skies, wide open scenery, and beautiful views of God’s majestic creation, we can still drop by the Post Office and mail you your book! 🙂 We can now process credit cards and PayPal payments in our book store, so click on over and we’ll send off your book after processing your payment!

2 thoughts on “The Book Store is now open!”

  1. Congratulations on your book! I would be interested in one and would also like to post something of face book about it. Perhaps a link to this site? Would that be best. Where about in Montana are you visiting? We are now living in Montana. Not sure if you’ve heard our story on how we ended up here. We think of you guys often and wonder how you all are doing. God bless! karen

    1. Thanks, Karen! Yes, a link to our site on your facebook page would be great! 🙂 We have a facebook page now, too, so you could give us a “thumbs up” there! 🙂

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