Tips for Making Sweet Rolls Recipe

When you first make the Sweet Rolls recipe, you may wonder what I meant in step 5 on page 178…. disregard the instruction to turn the dough once – it will be so wet that it simply sits there in the bowl; you won’t be able to form it into a ball of dough as you would with a gluten-filled recipe. Just cover the bowl with a moist towel and let the dough rise.

I have made the recipe two ways and in both cases, the sweet rolls have been consumed very quickly, so you can choose either way and the results will be tasty. 🙂

The first way is to skip the 1/4 cup water. The dough will be drier and the rolls will maintain their shape as they rise, but they will be small rolls. So, if it is important to you that the rolls have a distinct shape, use this method.

The second way is to make the recipe exactly as it is printed in the book. The rolls will be much bigger, but they will merge together as they rise and bake. If you really want larger sweet rolls, use this method.

Either way, you and your family will really enjoy these!

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