Yes, You Can Use the Crock Pot – just remember to plug it in! And a plug for the beauty of God’s Creation in Long Beach

We enjoyed God’s beautiful creation at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach today, and we spent much of our time at my favorite display of the incredible tropical fish and gorgeous coral. Somehow, the intense colors of fish and coral in the visual realm reminded me of the intense flavors of the 1000 Day Marinade in the savory realm! Brody and I enjoyed the 1000 Day Marinade again last week when rib eye steaks went on sale. Wow – I really enjoy the intensity of the flavors of that marinade! Every time I eat a steak with that marinade, I think, “This must be the best steak I have ever eaten!”


My friend, Leah, will be returning to the school year schedule soon and asked if my recipes will work with a crock pot. I decided to test out the Chicken Italiano recipe on page 119 to see how that would work with a crock pot. Brody and I were pleased with the results and thought the chicken was much more tender when prepared this way. The night before, I pureed the tomatoes and reduced them to one half their original volume. Then I added all the other sauce ingredients and refrigerated the sauce until the next day. The next day, I melted the butter, added the garlic and seared the chicken pieces in the skillet before adding them to the crock pot with the sauce. After a few hours, I finally noticed that I had not plugged in the crock pot! But, Brody was okay with eating supper a little later (I’m thankful for an easy-going hubby!) and it all worked out just fine. So, if your schedule calls for crock pot recipes, I would say, yes – you can use the crock pot with this book…. You may simply need to think about how to change the order of preparation to accommodate the crock pot and… Just remember to plug it in! 🙂 


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