Sweet Forgiveness

I thought I was done with Brody’s haircut last night and had begun putting away the trimmer and guards when I saw a little area near the swirl of hair at the very top of his head that I thought I’d touch up. So, I took the trimmer and dove in… only to discover that I had forgotten that I didn’t have the guard on the trimmer! So, I essentially shaved a 4”by 2” swath through his crown right after I had done a good job of carefully cutting his hair – it looked as if he’d had some kind of head surgery! The only way to fix my mistake was to trim his whole head with the #1 guard … I was aghast at my mistake, but he was very gracious and forgiving. He said it was only hair and it’d grow back – I am not sure I’d have been as easy-going if he had made a mistake cutting my hair 48 hours before our church’s annual Christmas Concert! I’m thankful he’s a forgiving husband. He portrays that aspect of Christ’s relationship with the church very well! I offered to buzz my hair, too, in solidarity with him, but he said that wasn’t necessary. 🙂 

 Below is a picture of the Almond Christmas Carol Cookies (a Sample Recipe on this site). They definitely make our taste buds sing! May this time of celebrating our Savior’s birth be very sweet for you…. and may you enjoy frequent reminders of our Savior’s kindness all throughout the year – I know that every time Brody or another person shows me grace for my mistakes and sins, I am reminded of God’s grace through Jesus’ life and death.DSCF0053

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