A Review of Memory Murals from Two by Two Art Studio

In my last post, I mentioned that I was memorizing Job 38:1-42:6. I’ve recently added another method to my list of ways to work on memorization of God’s Word. I received the Memory Mural shown below from Heidi of Two by Two Art Studio and have enjoyed using it in my kitchen. Since my husband’s health and his ability to work full-time are so closely connected to his diet, I spend a good portion of each week in the kitchen, washing dishes or preparing food. I can sometimes struggle with the temptation to become angry since standing at the sink can sometimes trigger pain in my ribs or legs. To help reduce the pain, I include times of rest and stretching exercises interspersed with times of working. To help me maintain an attitude that honors the Lord, I choose to listen to sermons or Gospel-centered music, or I work on memorizing God’s Word.

 When I’m in the kitchen, it’s very easy to glance over at my Memory Mural to remind myself of the next verse I’m memorizing. Before I received the Memory Mural, I used to work on my verses from a piece of paper – but a paper on the counter quickly becomes quite messy as I’m splish-splashing about! 🙂 The Memory Mural adds beauty to my kitchen wall at the same time that it serves a useful purpose for me.

 Heidi is the artist who made the watercolor, “Beauty Amidst Adversity” depicting Whitlow Grass for the cover of A Recipe for Survival. She loves to memorize God’s Word and through her Two by Two Art Studio efforts, she intertwines art products, art instruction and ideas for families to incorporate principles from God’s Word into everyday life. While I received my Memory Mural as a gift from her, I truly recommend her site to you as a useful, beautiful source of good ideas for letting God’s Word guide your daily life. You can order various useful and beautiful kits she offers at her website.

Memory Mural

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