No Longer Concerned

Grandma is no longer concerned about so many details of this life on earth...

Grandma is no longer concerned about so many details of this life on earth…

Recently, I had a moment of fun when I saw that one of the (many!) mailers I still receive in my grandma’s mailbox had a stamp included to return a political survey.

Since the postage was going to be paid, I thought I would use the opportunity to inform the members of the political group of my grandma’s move to Heaven. We might as well have some fun when we deal with pounds of mail each week, right?

I included a copy of the essay I wrote for my brother to read at her memorial service, in hopes that the Gospel presentation within the essay could reach at least the one who opens the envelope and reads at least some of it. I added the following:

“You may remove Joyce from your mailing list. She is no longer concerned with the politics of this country, having vacated the state, country, this world, and even her body (she didn’t need it anymore.) She is now rejoicing in the presence of her Savior, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Supreme Ruler of the universe, who is never up for re-election.”

I may write something appropriate for the clothing catalogs she still “receives.” Since she no longer has her sin-cursed body, she no longer needs to cover it, after all! : )

I already had fun writing to her doctors, informing the eye doctor that her vision is finally perfect, since she no longer sees darkly, as in a mirror, but now she knows as she is known! : ) I enjoyed writing to her cardiologist, too.

We rejoice in the knowledge that all of us who have fully trusted in Jesus’ completed work through His life, death and resurrection will be reunited for eternity! We will be made like Him, no longer experiencing the hindrances that exist due to sin’s curse.