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Celebrating Sweetness

When grapes went on sale at Sprouts’ Farmers Market in my area recently, I bought some to make Sweet and Sour Sauce from Scratch (pages 156-157.) This particular batch of grapes was so sweet that I didn’t need to add any honey in Step 6. I was pleased that Sprouts’ also had chicken tenders on sale that week, so Brody and I enjoyed some meals of Fried Chicken (page 125), with the Sweet and Sour Sauce. Brody likes to dip the nuggets in the sauce, and I like to pour the sauce over the nuggets on rice. However you arrange them, they taste GREAT! Also, the nuggets re-crisp nicely as leftovers!

You are probably noticing the frequent appearance made by the black beans and broccoli; often they are cast in a supporting role with whatever the star of the menu may be in our household. This is due to their high marks in my scoring system: no history of making Brody sick, high in nutrients, low cost in dollars, and minimal preparation required. You may think that unseasoned black beans and broccoli may be uninteresting, but if you take a long enough break from processed, packaged or fast foods (A.K.A. the Average American Diet) your taste buds adjust, and you may find yourself appreciating the actual taste of the FOOD, instead of the powdered cheese, preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients (as examples) which are added to so many packaged items. You may, in time, discover how wonderful real food tastes!

 In the last year, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with calligraphy in addition to my kitchen experiments. My next calligraphy project will be writing out Romans 5 for Brody to enjoy on his breaks at work. He recently was drawn to that chapter after reading Milton Vincent’s A Gospel Primer for Christians Learning to See the Glories of God’s Love. The sweetness of God’s love for His people, demonstrated in the gift of salvation, is even better to “chew” on throughout the day – it lifts our spirit better than a sweet snack of any kind, even the Sweet and Sour Sauce with Fried Chicken!

Chicken, Broccoli and Rice “Pinatas” (Empanadas)

Here are some photos of Freda’s Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice “Pinatas” (Empanadas). These are based on the Porky Pinata recipe on pgs. 135-136 of the cookbook. This is my favorite mixture so far in these pastries. I have found that they are great warm but also are easy to eat cold in my lunch when I am out in the field working.