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Chicken Noodle Soup and a Mother’s Legacy

How often do you consider how you were introduced to the truth?

We have some friends from Fiji, and I remember a sermon he preached in which he shared a little of the history of their country and how the Gospel came to his homeland. He expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made by those first missionaries who came to his country, bringing the Gospel. Because cannibalism was practiced at that time in Fiji, the missionaries were consumed. But before the missionaries died, God used them to share the truth with some of the Fijians, and eventually through the generations, our friends heard the good news of the Gospel.

In my case, I’m thankful for the Godly heritage on both sides of my family. My grandma’s mother, Dixie Lee Gabbard, raised her children faithfully, and now, four generations later, we see her devotion to the Lord in some of her poetry, and we continue to benefit from the cumulative effect of one generation passing the truth on to the next. My grandma, her daughter, says the following poem is her favorite…


Some days, when I’m tired of my daily routine

And the urge of my heart I can’t still,

There’s a well-worn path my feet often take,

Past the barn, to the top of the hill.

Although I’m aware when I start on my way,

There’ll be numerous joys to thrill,

I’m never exactly prepared for the “lift”

That I get at the top of the hill.

All nature is hushed– ‘Tis the presence of God,

Why else so calm and so still?

And there’s sweetest communion and peace for my soul

Found in reverie here on the hill.

I’ve never had riches and never known fame-

I’ve no such desire to fulfill,

But, rather I’d see some tired, erring mortal

Find peace at the top of the hill.

When I’m gone and appraisal of my possessions

Reveals their value nil;

Then you’ll know they’ve not learned of this priceless enchantment,

That’s mine at the top of the hill.

Grandma remembers that well-worn path past the barn. We have some photos of the time that she took my mom as a little toddler back to Arkansas to visit Grandma Dixie on her farm. I imagine that the three of them took a walk to the top of the hill.

I enjoy photos which show multiple generations… they remind me of God’s faithfulness and grace which extend throughout the years to His creation in general, and to His people in particular.

In addition to our faith, I appreciate recipes being passed on to the next generation. I was glad I could modify Grandma’s famous Chicken Noodle Soup (pages 126-127 of A Recipe for Survival) to make it workable for Brody. Our family has so many wonderful memories surrounding Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup, including the evening when Brody’s siblings and parents arrived for our wedding almost 7 years ago.

That night, Grandma prepared a large quantity of soup and cornbread since I had told her many people would be arriving for supper… then when some travel plans shifted due to delayed flights and other reasons, she thought she had way too much soup and began sharing it with the neighbors.

Then later in the evening, most of us showed up, ready to eat! For the last serving, one family member only received roughly a half-cup serving with a little square of cornbread. The stick of butter I pulled from the fridge to offer with the cornbread was the largest serving of all the items I set before him! He was gracious and said the amount of food was just right!

Recently, I prepared a large batch of our version of Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Brody was satisfied with the results of freezing some of it. I didn’t have any after it had been frozen and thawed, but he assured me that the texture was acceptable.

Grandma's Chicken Noodle Soup

Have you enjoyed the results of modifying a favorite family recipe?

Psalm 145:4 (NASB)

One generation shall praise Your works to another,

And shall declare Your mighty acts.