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Another Day to Love and Serve You

Last week, my family remembered the day 22 years ago that my mom’s fight with cancer ended. While we were saddened then and continue through different stages of grieving now, we were and are filled with hope. We know that God saved her spiritually, not because of anything she had done, but because of His mercy. He drew her to Himself, paid the spiritual debt she had owed Him, and gave her a new nature when she repented of her sin. We rejoice in remembering her service to our Lord and we rejoice in His goodness in saving sinners such as my mom and us.

I remember our daily morning family devotions from our childhood…. my mom would often start her prayer by thanking the Lord “for another day to love and serve [Him].” She also would thank Him for the cool of the evening and morning. Now that I struggle with heat, I understand why she was thankful for those new mercies every morning.

When my mom received the news from the doctor that her cancer had spread significantly, she and my dad told my brother and me that they wanted to accept what the Lord had in plan for them. They reminded us of the account of Hezekiah in II Kings 20. While it is admirable that Hezekiah, when told he was mortally ill, begged God for more time in this earthly life to serve Him, the sad reminder to our family was found in verses 12-21. During the additional 15 years that God gave Hezekiah after healing him of the disease he had, Hezekiah showed poor judgment; his pride led him to boastfully show everything he owned to the envoy from Babylon. God was not pleased with Hezekiah and His displeasure is recorded in that passage. What a sad ending to the account of Hezekiah’s life!

I have remembered my mom’s acceptance of the Lord’s will in her life as a good example to me. With the Lord’s help, I endeavor to be thankful for each day that He allows me to love and serve Him, and however many days He may give me on this earth, I choose to accept His will regarding the exact number those days will amount to.

This week, I have enjoyed preparing Tuna Cakes (page 99 in A Recipe for Survival) a couple of times. I added a new sauce to the dish.

Gluten-free, tasty and satisfying Tuna Cakes from A Recipe for Survival

Gluten-free, tasty and satisfying Tuna Cakes from A Recipe for Survival