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Happy New Year!

raspberryvinaigrette“Good health is a crown visible only to the sick.” Years ago, Kristi’s mom quoted that to her and Kristi (a former roommate) shared it with me… and now I know (better than I used to) the meaning of the proverb! I definitely am more thankful than I used to be for any hour in which my head or neck doesn’t hurt!

I am thankful for many things… and one thing today is that I’ve had some hours in the last few days without much pain in my head or neck. Also, I am thankful that Brody now is healthier than I am. I appreciate that he helps me on my difficult days. His piano-playing is a true pain reliever for me, and he’s quite a good cook, too. What a blessing!

I am also thankful that the cold I got on Christmas didn’t develop into a lung infection (the usual route my body takes when I get a cold in December)! God was gracious to me. Ultimately, He always gets the credit for our bodies fighting off any disease, but I think I will remember this lesson learned: it’s best to go to bed and rest when I get a cold. 🙂 Extra rest and liquids certainly give my body a fighting chance.

Besides the rest and liquids, I thought I’d consider some additional remedies. Our friend, Bill, had just told me that Cold-EEZE had worked well for him this year, so I gave that a try. I had also heard that garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties, so I decided I’d test out the theory. I bit into a clove of garlic and quickly decided eating raw garlic would be an acquired taste. I nibbled along on the first clove over the course of many hours. By the second clove, I had acquired the taste… but I am still surprised at how much raw garlic resembles flaming red hot peppers for its ability to burn my mouth! Perhaps eating raw garlic will have a new application: pain relief for headaches. Or maybe it’s not so much a pain-reliever as it is a distraction… the pain from the blisters forming in my mouth distracts from the pain of my headache. Whether or not the garlic did help me fight off the cold, I don’t know for sure, but I can vouch for its amazing decongestant properties!

In order not to chase Brody or others off with my horrible breath, and also to save the garlic for recipes, I didn’t continue eating the garlic. I use it in so many recipes – from soups and appetizers to main dishes and salad dressings! Pictured here is Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing from A Recipe for Survival (page 154). We enjoy adding a green salad with this dressing to many snacks and meals. The soup pictured below is the Meatless Minestrone (page 131) made with quinoa instead of rice pasta.raspberryvinaigrattesnack



Physical and Spiritual Nourishment

I’ve enjoyed some experimentation with new recipes and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you when I have finished tweaking them. In the meantime, here’s a picture of our Meatless Minestrone (page 131). I’ve been surprised with how satisfying this meal is! A bowl of this soup, along with some almonds and fresh fruit gives me energy for many hours. Since I’m very interested in lowering my cholesterol numbers, I’m busily researching meals that contain less meat, but still are satisfying. Brody needs more meat than I do, so in a given meal, he might eat a larger serving of Chicken Italiano than I do, and I will eat more Meatless Minestrone than he does. The dish that is a small side dish for one is the main course for the other person and vice versa. I make all the recipes safe for him (no gluten, oats, corn, potatoes or onions) so everything is an option for both of us – we just choose different amounts based on our specific needs. I am glad I’m not making 6 meals per day as I was in the beginning of our marriage when I was trying to figure out why he got sick from everything I served!

On the subject of spiritual nourishment, my friend, Mindy, has a wonderful tool for parents or for those who would like to make a gift for their friends’ children. Her Internet site is having a promotion Sept 24-25! Check out Mindy’s site for the details.  Click on the button below to transfer to her site.