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Oxidative Stress and the Aging Process

This week, we are exchanging posts with Brody’s brother, Cassidy and his wife, Katrina. Their website is here.

By: Katrina Rauch

Are you experiencing one or more of the below listed issues:

· Headache/migraine
· Sleep depravation
· Wrinkles
· Fatigue/Low energy
· Anxiety/Depression
· Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
· Cancer
· Acne

If any of the above are troubling you, you are experiencing the natural effect of oxidative stress on your body and I’m sure you never even knew it? Am I right? When your body is exposed to oxidative stress on a daily basis it ages faster than it should. We experience oxidative stress simply by walking out side and enjoying the sunshine, having poor eating habits, lack of sleep, or by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever for your headache. I’m sure you never thought about the damage that oxidative stress is having in your body, and the reason I know that is because we never did either! You see, we are in our mid 30’s, and I personally had my “blinders” on when it concerned my health until the day I was told I needed to have 2 surgeries within a few months of each other. Since I was fairly healthy, didn’t get sick much, exercised regularly, ate mostly healthy stuff, I just didn’t think about how my body was functioning. I didn’t think about my cells at all, or what the effects of the environment around me and the foods I was eating were doing to me. When I was told I needed surgeries, I wasn’t freaked out, just annoyed. I made it through both surgeries, but 2 years later with a healed body, I’m just not the same and don’t feel as healthy as I did prior to surgery. In my quest to get back to a very healthy state, I realized that I never was really paying attention to what was the most important part of staying healthy long-term and that was healing and regenerating my cells at a cellular level by something called Nrf2, an internal cellular protein that is something like a thermostat in our cells that manages our stress response.

Thankfully, around that same time I was introduced to an all-natural product, Protandim, that activates Nrf2 and has completely changed how I feel. Fast-forward 1 year to now, and I’m a totally different person. I’ve been taking Protandim every day for the last year and I can tell you that my headaches are gone, I’m sleeping really well, and my energy level has significantly increased.

If you would like to know more about reducing oxidative stress and improving your overall health please download and read this free eBook all about reducing oxidative stress and the aging process. You will learn about how your body is fighting a war at the cellular level and what you see and how you feel on the surface is a direct indication of what is happening deep inside your body. Please enjoy this eBook as a special FREE download.