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My Favorite Kind of Snack!

Recently, I remembered my friend Sandy had shared a quote with us from a Puritan writer about how our souls need nourishment regularly just as our bodies also need meals and snacks. Since I tend to tire quite easily if I do not have a nourishing snack every couple of hours, I am reminded frequently of the quote she shared with us. But, I only remembered the gist of the quote and not the exact wording nor the name of the writer, so I’ll look into that eventually. For now, here is an article by another well-known writer, Arthur Pink. I enjoyed the parallels he drew between our physical consumption of food and our spiritual meals and snacks.


Pictured here is the kind of snack I enjoy. A sugary, dessert type snack does not produce the energy and clear thinking I desire out of the food I prepare and eat. I value food that produces energy for me to function. 🙂 Brody also appreciates nourishing snacks – these keep him working efficiently at work and playing piano, too! The bread is Amy’s Pumpkin Bread from our book. The recipe also includes Amy’s original recipe and a detailed explanation for how I converted it to be gluten-free, safe for Brody and packed with nutrients. The heart-shaped crackers pictured are from our book as well – Grandma gave her approval today when she tasted them! The hummus with fresh oregano is a recipe I’m still perfecting… I’ll post it when it’s ready!