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An Essential Guide
“After 35 years of collecting all types of gluten-free cookbooks, I consider A Recipe For Survival an essential guide for gluten-free cooking and baking.”

     Susan Cool, Junior and Senior High Home Economics teacher and gluten-free homemaker

A Powerful and Inspiring Story
“Last year, my husband was hospitalized for over 100 days, enduring five surgeries and powerful infections. I became his CAREGIVER – nurse’s aide, dietician, medical advocate, etc. Freda’s manuscript gave me needed information and inspiration—but above all, a reminder to rely on and draw strength from the Heavenly Father. Through the power of prayer, His love and grace guided me through exhausting and hopeless days to healthier living. No matter what kind of caregiver you are—arm yourself with this powerful and inspiring story.”

     Cindy Lotstein, retired special education teacher

A Beautiful Cover

Freda, I love love love your book. The cover is beautiful and tears came to my eyes when I was reading your message in the back. Congratulations!!!!! May God continue to bless you and yours!

     Pamm, a former co-worker and current friend

Good Book!

My husband and I have been reading your book. I am just about to the recipes. We are really enjoying it. We just ordered 2 more copies–one for a relative and one for a friend whose son may have been having some food issues. She said that some foods are an issue, so I think this may be of interest to her.
Thanks again for the effort you put into the book and ALL the effort that you put into the project of finding what would help Brody so that you had more to write about to help many of us.

     Lorraine, a fan of A Recipe for Survival

Informative, Insightful and Inspirational

A Recipe for Survival provides an informative and insightful guide for gluten-free living. I whole-heartedly recommend it to family and friends. My daughter devoured the book. She not only tried many of the recipes, she now designs her own. Thank you so much for your labor of love; an inspirational read!

     Mike, a fan of A Recipe for Survival

Couldn’t Put it Down

It was with great pleasure I received your book. When it arrived, I started paging through it, and couldn’t put it down! I read from cover to cover. My husband, hearing me talk so highly of it, also picked it up and read it a few days later. I do have to be on a gluten-free diet and it has its trials, but nothing compared to what Brody has been through. Though our two daughters don’t need the gluten-free recipes, I’d like to order books for them also, just as an encouragement.

     Carrol, a fan of A Recipe for Survival


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